This comment was made by Alex Butler

Hi Chris,
I just wanted to thank you for the Siniai ghost walk. I first saw the
house in 1996 (Halloween I think) and I've always been fascinated with
it so I was really pleased to look around it officially!

As a sceptic/hopeful believer I didn't expect to experience anything. However, while we were in the cellar, I felt someone touching the top of my head. I felt this twice before you mentioned the blowing in males faces & stroking of hair. It happened three times... I guess I'm asking if there are any actors in the group, to explain my experience? Daft question really as I don't think you'd admit it it!

Yes this is a common experience at Sinai and you are not alone in this as this has happened to a lot of people at sinai house especially to ladies with blonde hair (which you are ) and is believed to be the ghost of the Marquis of Angelsey.


To Tracey and Ghost Walk Team,

Many thanks for the fantastic Ghost Walk on Friday Night - we all
thoroughly enjoyed it and we all had a great night out!!
I attach a photograph taken on Friday of the land at the end of the passageway where Richard Roe "revealed" himself (if you get my meaning!!!). It was taken near the old school which is now boarded up.
If you look closely (perhaps in a slightly darkened room) you can see lots of "orbs" - we couldn't believe it when we noticed these! Some people have said it's dust on the lense, but there are no spots of light on any other photos!! Spooky, eh!!!

Anyway, do with the piccy what you will - use it on your website if youwish, it's up to you.
Thanks again for a great time.

Kind regards, Sam
I went in the lounge in Burton a couple of months ago and I think I seen a ghost in the ladies toilets.
The top floor dance floor was closed and due to open later that evening, but the bouncer still let me through to use the toilets & I was on my own up-stairs.
I came out of the toilet and was washing my hands, took a look in the mirror to see a man standing behind me I turned round to see who it was and nobody was there, but when I looked in the mirror again he was still standing there “I did exit the toilets very quick after that.”
I told my friends & no-one believes me. I haven’t thought much about it till my mum got home after one of your ghost walks last night and was telling me about what you said.
I am interested to learn about the man I seen, I would much appreciate if you could e-mail me some information
Thank you Hannah Burnton
I saw the " haunted" flag pole in Burton fiercely wobbling when those
across the street were perfectly still. It was 2:10pm on Saturday 20/11/2004.

When I had finished shopping and was walking out of Burton at 4:00pm it had
become still again. I could not detect any wind during this period.

I have a lamp that operates by touch. There are three settings of light as well as on and off that you operate by touch. Vibrations from
a very busy road I live close to and from the two flats above my
ground floorapartment
have appeared to make the lamp flash when off. Something very difficult to achieve by touch. I have found it curious that the lamp
seemed to go through periods when it flashed and then sometimes months when it didn't.
It tends to flash on the highest setting from off, missing the settings in between.

On Sunday September 26th I had cleared out my Bedroom ready for decorating putting the bed in the lounge. It was 1:00am in the morning when I turned off the main lounge light turned of the T.V. and got into bed.
All was quiet, no vehicles passing on the nearby road no movement from upstairs.No sooner had I turned to go to go to sleep and my head hit the pillow with my eyes shut than the lamp gave off an enormous flash on the highest setting.
I decided to leave the lamp plugged in risking a sleepless night to see if it flashed again. During the four weeks my bed was in the lounge the lamp did not flash again no matter what passed on the road or what bangs there were from the flats above.

Adrian Lea
Burton upon Trent
To Whom It May Concern:

My husband and I recently visited Burton-on-Trent to see the Bass Brewery. While at the Information Centre, we saw the sign for the Burton Ghost Walk and signed up.

What a delightful evening we had! "Arthur Pint" shared Burton's ghosts with a lovely mixture of humor, horror and drama. There were several spooky sightings along the way that added to the fun.

We enjoyed meeting Tracey and Chris. They are so excited about their venture. We have taken a number of ghost walks in London and the Burton Ghosts were certainly equal to any of them!

After spending several hours wandering Burton with Tracey, Chris and Brian, we are looking forward to returning to the area are are only sorry our visit was so short.


Kim and Steve Cosman
Schererville, Indiana, USA
Hi Chris and Tracey

I hope this finds you both well.
We wanted to once again thank you for a terrific evening on Lukes birthday.
It has still been the topic of conversation with us all and are looking at getting it together to do the other walk in the near future.
Did you get to see Sixth Sense? If so what did you think?
Celeste and myself thought Isabella was a lovely lady and is excellent at keeping you hooked up with all the information she gives out,
When you get the kids, ie Luke and the young ones talking about the history of Burton that they heard about she obviously has a gift. Please send her our thanks for making the night such a pleasure.

Anyway, gone on much more than I meant to so I will say our goodbye's for now.
All the very best for the future, which I am sure will just get better.
Take care of yourselves
Dave & Celeste






Having just been on one of your excellent ghost walks, I would like to tell you about experiences I had whilst I was a barmaid in the Royal Oak in the mid-90s.

At that time the bar was on the other side of the pub, with the cellar door behind the bar. The door opened outwards from the cellar into the bar.

One Saturday afternoon I had to go down the cellar to change a barrel. I was used to this, having done it many times before. As I got down into the cellar I felt very cold. I had a distinct feeling of unease, as though someone was there with me. I hastily changed the barrel and went quickly back up the stairs to the bar. I pushed the door and it wouldn't open. I tried again and it still wouldn't open. I began to panic and felt very much as though someone was on the cellar steps behind me. I pushed against the cellar door as hard as I could and it opened. I fell up the last step into the bar. The landlady said I was white as a sheet and I was shaking and was very shocked. After that I refused to go into the cellar and still wouldn't to this day, even though it must have happened about 10 years ago.

Another incident I recall was when I was cleaning up in the pub after closing time. I had the job of cleaning the ashtrays on the bar and the tables. As I got to the end of the bar which was at that time near the front door of the pub, I found 50p on the floor. I picked it up and put it on the end of the bar. I wiped the bar down in that area and turned round to pick up the 50p. It had disappeared. I thought I must have knocked it off the bar but I hadn't. I walked back up to the other end of the bar and the 50p was right at the other end of the bar, near the wall. There was no one else there who could have moved it. It was only a couple of seconds between me putting it on the bar and going to pick it up.

Another barmaid there who worked there when I did had her bottom pinched hard enough to leave a bruise. When she turned round to see who had done it, there was no one there.

The landlady in the 90s when I worked there said she had heard a little girl crying regularly in the ladies' toilets and had at first thought that she had been left there by mistake but when she went in there was no one there.

I hope this is of interest to you. Keep up the good work!

Kind regards, Chrissie


Hi Chris,
Just wanted to thank you for two great nights. We all had a fab, fun and very interesting time!
Spooky Regards,



On Fri 25/09/09 10:44 PM , Wildlife rescue - Burton sent:


I would just like to thank you all for helping raise funds for our rescue. Everyone enjoyed the walk, especially the part where Richard Roe turned up!!! :) Could you email me some info on the sinai ghost walk please as we would love to attend.

On behalf of the animals currently at our centre, a big thankyou




Helen - Uttoxeter

Myself and 7 friends enjoyed a super night out at Sinai House, we all found it very interesting and very spooky! Will definitely be coming on other walks and events - cant wait!

Many thanks to the team.


I would really like to thank yourself and Ian for a wonderful evening last Thursday. As you are aware upon arrival we were a rather naive bunch, but left totally blown away by the whole experience. You set a warming and settled environment that helps with the audience and provide a great deal of historical knowledge that lends itself to the night.

I feel sure that Ian may get one or two contacts from members of the group and I am in no doubt that you will receive contact from us again to organise another event at one of your venues.

Thanks Again.
Callum McLeish

Hi there,
Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the tour you provided
> for us on Weds 19th Oct.
The children had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the tour despite
a few dramatic tears! the parents were also very happy and we as staff
> felt the tour was both professional and entertaining.
It was clear that the stories told go a lot deeper but we were
grateful for your sensitivity when conveying potentially unsettling
> information to the children
This is a project that we intent to run each year at school so we
will hopefully be booking with you again next autumn if not sooner.
Once again thank you and best wishes for the future
Catherine ShirleyBlessed Robert Sutton Catholic Sports College

Hi Chris,
It was great to meet you on saturday and thanks for a great night!

overall the feedback was positive and everyone including myself had a
good time.

Gurdeep Bath


just like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you last
night was the best ghost walk i had every been on. And now had
to go through the photos there was a lot of orbs captured in just
about every photo.


Lucy wilson

hi chris we all just wanted to say a big thankyou for last night everyone was spooked all except the 2 non believers although frightened we all really enjoyed the night so can you pass on our thanks to everyone and look forward to seeing you all soon and next time we will not bring the drunk loud woman
in the cellar my phone went down to 1 cell once out the grounds my phone regained its battery life, if we have any good photos we will email you with them
thanks again lisa


Good Morning Chris,

Just a quick thank you for an excellent evening that we both enjoyed. Looking forward to booking one of your hunts soon. Excellent location with tons of history even if a little grim! lol I wanted to let you know what we experienced on the evening and the surprising thing was that it started the moment we stepped out of the car. My girlfriend ' Shantel ' turned to me and said ' Yes? ' and I said ' What? ' she said she had just been tapped on the shoulder.. I had both hands on my camera and there was nobody next to us. Unfortunatley we didnt catch anything on camera except one photo of mine came out completely white, I dont mean misty white I mean as if it was wiped and blank? This hasn't happened before.

We both seem to get strange feelings from places when ever we visit somewhere historic and not just your usual ' ooh this is creepy ' .. I get extremely dizzy and it then passes after a few minutes for example it happened 3 times at Sinai. First one was at the hanging tree, second was in the cellar ( I was at the very right hand back corner by the white wall, third was in the kitchen next to the bird cage ). It's a strange dizzy feeling that is kind of hard to explain, It starts then gets more intense then subsides as quick as it started.

One other slightly odd thing kept happening which I guess could have a perfectly normal explanation but I kept smelling extremely strong old fashioned perfume along with an extremely nasty smell that kept making me almost gag but then it would just dissapear?

Well, I thought I would just drop you this email to give you some feedback from the evening and again thanks for such an informative tour of a very unusual and interesting house!

Kindest Regards,

Lee & Shantel.