The history of sinai goes back 2000 years starting life as a roman fortification and being in its time a saxon stronghold,a monks holiday home and the Marquis of Angleseys hunting lodge.

Over the past couple of years it has become a haven for historians,psychics and ghost hunters its reputation as a haunted house has been enhanced strongly by paranormal events taking place to the numerous general members of the public including people hearing knocking on the walls for no apparent reason,being pushed,pulled and touched by something while in vigil in the cellar area .Alarms on cars and various electrical items going wrong while people are visiting the property and the smell of burning coming from the building when nothing is on fire.


Sinai has reputedly many ghosts some of these include a murderous monk,a regiment of ghost soldiers,the white lady ,the angry abbot,hung witches, a sad mother and many many more Needless to say sinai is very haunted and was investigated by most haunted in 2005 with astonishing results.


The one hour ghost walk around Sinai is 10 pounds per head for groups of 15 plus or 15 pounds per head for groups of 10 plus


If you wish to pay by credit card or pay pal after you have checked availability and booked you can use the button below which is for groups of 15 to 24 anything over 24 you can pay the excess on the night if you have a group smaller than 15 or wish to pay by some other means tell us on enquiry and we can sort this out for you.



sinai ghost tour or ring 07936402865

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