This walk has stories of sacrifice, murder and introduces you to the still ACTIVE ghosts of our town. Hear about Burtons connection with Lord Nelson, Henry the eighth and the Quaker movement, the gory battles of the English civil war and war of the roses and the ghostly legacy left behind from these. This is not a walk to be missed but it is also not a walk for the faint hearted, this walk is dark in its content as you hear ghostly tales from Burtons past. It has earned the nickname as the haunted walk due to the fact that the general public has seen several visitations of ghosts on the walk as they have gone round (7 on Halloween 2005).

The walk is for groups of 10 plus and lasts 1 hour and is 10 pounds per head (if you have a group of less than 10 we can take your booking but ring for terms and conditions) contact us on 07936402865 or email
chris@burtonghostandhistorywalk.co.uk for availability and bookings

If you wish to pay by credit card or pay pal after you have checked availability and booked you can use the button below which is for groups of 10 to 19 anything over 19 you can pay the excess on the night if you have a group smaller than 10 or wish to pay by some other means tell us on enquiry and we can sort this out for you.

if you carnt get the required amount still contact us we can place you with another group or charge a minimal extra amount to make up the difference


haunted abbey walk